A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Elevate is a simple and very short puzz-platformer where you can't jump. You have to navigate the levels by changing the landscape.

Arrows - navigate

A - action

Developed in GameMaker: studio for GBJam 5.

art / code / design

kamil bazydlo | @beechbone

sfx / music

fluffy | @fluffy




daniel linssen | @managore

CC0 1.0 universal license

Update: Minor bug fix in v1.0.1.0

Known issues: [Mac] There is unintentional music desync when using switching action.

Install instructions

Windows: Just run the exe to play.

Linux and Mac: Unzip the file and run the application.


Elevate_GBJam_1.0.1.0.exe 3 MB
Elevate.zip 3 MB
Elevate.app.zip 3 MB


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Hey, I just noticed a Mac version exists! Woo! A shame about the music desync though. I wonder if it's just not starting the music until it has a non-zero volume... maybe loading the B track at like 1% volume at startup would help.

Yeah, for some reason the bug occurs only on Mac version. Temporarily I don't have access to a Mac so can't try fixing it, but I'll try do something about it in the future. Maybe I'll recompilethe project in GameMaker 2 once I switch to that version. Not really sure if it's a bug in my code or GM is just handling the functionality differently under Mac module.